Jen has been reading, writing, and crafting since she learned what letters are, and how to master fine motor skills (approx. age 10 – a late bloomer). She loves to make people laugh, especially using herself and her experiences as fodder.

Since turning 40 Jen has realized that she enjoys expressing herself in a myriad of ways. These include:

  • Crocheting (currently amigurumi (Japanese dolls) based on classic literary characters, etc.)
  • Painting furniture to save money by making it look like it’s old, and like peeps bought it like that on purpose
  • Writing
  • Crafting
  • Reading for hours on end while simultaneously avoiding housework and people

Hence the whole: “Distracted Bee” thing. She can’t help but be distracted by one or more of the above! (Her husband loves these extreme bouts of creativity, especially if they take over the family room for months at a time.)

Jen’s ultimate goal is to join the ranks of superhero authors/ actors/ comedians who are leading the charge to erase stigma from mental health challenges using honesty, clarity, and humour.

Some of her heroes telling their personal stories are: Jenny Lawson (author and blogger @ The Bloggess), Chris Gethard (writer, stand-up comedian), Neal Brennan (writer, stand-up comedian), Hannah Gadsby (stand-up comedian, revolutionary).

To name a few!!

Jen has also, through years and years of therapy, realized that she is

  • An introvert
  • A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP as the kids in the ’90’s call us. She is currently working on a new moniker as that one totally blows.)
  • Food intolerant (her husband also appreciates the 30-day diet plans she has implemented over the last few years, such as: Paleo, Keto, Whole30, etc.)
  • Not gonna exercise (because, despite the popular saying, it IS, in fact, too late to start)

Jen has brought all of her distractions under one roof /website for your viewing ease and pleasure. She currently has a shop on Etsy, and a HUGE social following that you can join by clicking on the little social thingy’s on the home page.

Because, “if you’re not self-promoting, your self-preventing.” (She also enjoys making up words/ sayings, etc.)

She normally doesn’t refer to herself in the third person, but WordPress seems to think it’s a good idea, and who is she to argue with the internet?

Thank you for reading this far! Next time she sees you, she will buy you a coffee.


The Distracted Bee