Blog is a Word

Here we go!!

I’ve been waiting to hear whether I’ve made “the cut” to participate in a monthly craft sale. I’ll plug it here for free, hoping the good karma comes back to me!!

Local Treasures YYC

(It doesn’t come up easily on google, so please visit their Facebook page – with the link above – to encourage local crafters and artisans!)

Basically I’m biting the bone (is that the saying? Old people please comment…) and launching this website (which is WAY hard for 40 year-old dogs, you internet tricksters!!!).

I would love, love, LOVE if you liked and subscribed to all the social media links (on my¬†Home Page) and even shared some stuff! I’ve hired a social media person, who doubles as my complaint department!!!

Stay tuned to see if I am selling in the March market!!

Thanks for reading, and following!



“The Distracted Bee”


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